Punk: Chaos 2 Couture :: Lessons Learned From The Show at the Met.

Punk is more than music, it’s an entire culture with it’s own unique, kickass history, especially in fashion. My heart literally started to pogo as soon as I hit play on this YouTube video. If you are absolutely in love with fashion as well as everything punk this is more than worth the watch and read. Tomorrow I’m dusting off my cut-up t-shirts, holey jeans, safety pins, and fuck-you attitude (yes, I did drop the F-bomb, only in the name of punk culture though, of course… *insert mischievous emoji here*).

I recently stumbled across a scathing review on a show that happened at the Metropolitan Museum of Art almost a year ago. The show entitled Punk: Chaos to Couture; curated by Andrew Bolton, was to focus on the high fashion that was inspired by the original subculture.

It’s a pretty thorny concept for a movement with it’s dirty, leather buckled foothold in the muddy trenches of the working class underground, as opposed to the stiletto heeled red carpet of corporate excess. The show drew the ire of old punks and new alike. And rightly so – punk’s original values were so different to big business, corporate marketing. Let’s face it, the original scene in the 70s was everything the establishment despised, and vice versa.


But like any other movement that becomes commercialized over time, the messages become blurred as designers take elements of subcultures and market them to the…

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