Feathers and Glitter and Sex, Oh My!: Embracing Burlesque in your Wardrobe.

Every young lady and woman ages 16 to 96 experienced a slight obsession with burlesque after Christina Aguilera reemerged the culture by starring in the feature film “Burlesque” with Cher about 4 years ago in 2010.  What may surprise you all is that burlesque had NOTHING to do with sex and stripteases when it was first introduced in the Victorian Era.  Burlesques were originally musical parodies of serious artistic works like ones of Shakespeare, only when this art began to decline and become Americanized did this form of expression revolve around sex.  Although curvy, playful women are the main attraction of burlesque shows today, they still maintain a level of humor, which personally is my favorite aspect of the culture.  Today sexiness is washboard stomachs, smokey eyes with long lashes, and a full pout to the lips that is almost expressionless.  Women in burlesque are ENCOURAGED to have an identity.  Not only do these women have sass and confidence as they dance and striptease, but they also make you laugh.  What’s sexier than that?!  My entire inspiration behind this blog was my past trip to Chicago to go see Vaudezilla at Stage 773.



Now that all my beautiful followers have a background of burlesque culture, let’s express our inner burlesque queens via our closet!  I’ll start off with daytime wear, here are a few pieces I could see hitting the streets this spring:



Above is the URL to a strapless lace corset from forever 21, it’s affordable and comes in adorable colors perfect for April and May.  To make it more appropriate for daytime, the two looks I thought up are: pairing it with a denim collared button up and white denim shorts, or with high-waisted light denim shorts paired with either a slouchy cardigan or a printed kimono.  But if you’re feeling bold ditch the cover-up and just rock the high-waists with the corset and a few extra accessories.



Above is the link to purchase the kimono pictured above!

After giving just a couple of ideas for the day, it’s time to focus on our boudoir!  Headlining in Vaudezilla last weekend was Red Hot Annie whom gets invited to perform internationally, not only that, but lucky for us she has her own Etsy shop!!  Now we don’t have to be stars of the stage to practice the exuberant act of burlesque thanks to Red Hot Annie’s hand-crafted pastie tassels.  They even come with directions on how to twirl the tassels with your lady lumps, how fun!  Also at Annie’s etsy shop, you can also order your very own custom burlesque costume made by the bombshell herself.




Above is the link to Annie’s shop, now go get your burlesque on!


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