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Introduction to Me & Why I Made This Blog.

There’s not too many ways of beginning this blog without saying, “My name is __,” or, “I’m from __,” or even, “I’m an apparel design student at ___.”  All of which are pretty boring.  The description under the title of my blog says exactly why I’m here, to look at fashion from a more human point of view.  To see what the person is saying with their fashion rather than what the fashion is saying about the person.

I honestly didn’t truly enjoy my college experience until I chose a major I was passionate about: apparel design.  With this blog I’m hoping to keep my passion alive and remember why I took this path for (hopefully) my lifetime career.  Image

I was always a black sheep and I’m pretty damn sure anyone that went to grade school with me could confirm that.  I mean I don’t see very many 5th grade girls going to school in a boys white button-up collared shirt and black tie…and also a light up Santa Claus pen in the breast pocket.  Of course like almost any other tween/teen I began to blend in the crowd more, because who likes people making fun of their Santa Claus pens?  I continued to put my best effort into blending in until my patience ran thin about junior year of high school.  I cut my brown, belly-button length hair into a purple and blonde pixie cut and anyone who couldn’t deal with what I chose to wear wasn’t even on my radar anymore.  I wore what made me happy without giving it a second thought and eventually I actually started getting compliments on my wardrobe and the way I put pieces together.  I bought a daring Mac Duggal prom dress with feathers from the waist down to go with my daring new hair and it came together beautifully.


My point is that I’m writing about fashion for the soul.  Not fashion for the season.  Not fashion on the runway.  I’m writing about fashion that we as individuals bring to life on a day-to-day basis; that’s the fashion that makes us feel good.  I’m currently an apparel design student at Ball State University in Indiana but I do plan to take a semester to a year off to work full time so I can afford to attend my dream school in New York, NYC: FIT. (That is if I’m ever accepted there, which I am determined to be.) So throughout this blog I will also be documenting my efforts.